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Who's Who ? Pwy ydy pwy ?

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Mrs. N. Goggin-Jones

Headteacher      Pennaeth


Deputy Headteacher        Dirprwy Pennaeth

Teaching Staff             Staff Addysgu 

 Mrs .H.Carr

             Nursery        Dosbarth Meithrin


   Reception             Dosbarth Derbyn

Mrs G Fisk   

Year 1              Blwyddyn 1

 Mrs H Tozer

Year 2               Blwyddyn 2

Mrs. K.Hopkins 

Year 3               Blwyddyn 3

Mrs R Sweeney &  Miss V Hally 

Year 3/4               Blwyddyn 3/4

Mrs. N.Nicholas

Year 4/5               Blwyddyn 4/5

Miss L Rees Mr G Thomas

Year 5               Blwyddyn 5


Year 6                Blwyddyn 6


Support Staff- Learning Support Officers                    Staff Cefnogi

Mrs L Dimmery

Nursery               Dosbarth Meithrin

Miss L John

Reception           Dosbarth Derbyn

Mrs A Short

Year 1         Blwyddyn 1

Miss H Sawyer

Year 2          Blwyddyn 2

Mrs J. Hughes

  1 to 1    1 i  1

Mr M Williams

   1 to 1    1 i  1


Mr C Lewis

SIte Manager


                                          Support Staff- Senior Learning Support Officers            Staff Cefnogi 

Mrs. S. Mathias-Chapman

Mrs S Davies

Mrs L Pride

Administration Staff                Staff Gweinyddol

Office Manager

Mrs N Treasure

Office Administrator

Mrs E James
































School Catering Team

The catering at Nantyffyllon is provided by Bridgend County Borough Council and members of their catering team are employed at our school.

Catering Team

Yvonne Sims

School Cook

Claire Williams

Assistant Cook 

Tracey Courts 

Kitchen Assistant





The school employs Breakfast Club and lunchtime Supervisors.


Mrs W Collier

Breakfast  Club and lunchtime

Mrs J Cadogan

Breakfast  Club and lunchtime

Mrs J Burridge