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We are so lucky to have our own language in Wales and here at Ysgol Gynradd Nantyffyllon we really enjoy learning it.  Here are simple phrases you can learn and use with your child.

Shwmae ?    How are you ?

Sut wyt ti heddiw ?    How are you today ?

Bore da                     Good morning.

Prynhawn da             Good afternoon.

Noswaith dda            Good evening.

Nos da                      Good night.

Pwy wyt ti ?              Who are you ?

Beth ydy dy enw di ? What is your name ?

Beth wyt ti'n hoffi ?    What do you like ?

Beth wyt ti'n hoffi wneud ?  What do you like doing ?

Each week a challenge is set on Seesaw 'Her yr Wythnos' to help your child learn and revise new sentence patterns and vocabulary. Why not have ago too !


As a school we are currently working towards the Cymraeg Campus Bronze Award.  Please find information below.