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Visions & Values


We inspire each other to be the best that we can be

Vision and Aims

  • To prepare and equip the children for life in the twenty first century.
  • To create a stimulating environment with shared values for harmony and wellbeing
  • To promote an inclusive approach where all members of the school community are engaged in learning
  • To deliver the Foundation Phase, the revised Key Stage 2 Curriculum and the skills framework ensuring every child’s needs are met
  • Ensure assessment is learner centred and assessment procedures ensure a learning continuum
  • To promote and develop education for sustainable development and global citizenship
  • To foster links and communicate effectively with the community, associate primary and secondary schools and the wider world
  • To provide quality experiences for the school community ensuring support, guidance enrichment and opportunities for reflection, where acquisition and development of skills are paramount
  • To strive to provide the best resources for lifelong learning


Our School Values

As a school we also want to establish our pupils as positive members of the community. We have 12 Values that we aim to develop and we concentrate on a value every month. These are talked about and discussed as part of assemblies and PSHE lessons. These values sit alongside the core school values chosen by our pupils, staff, governors and parents which are : Respect, Ambition, Confidence, Equality and Resilience. These were chosen by our pupils, staff, parents and governors.


At Nantyffyllon we value:

  1.  January -Honesty
  2.  February -Love
  3.  March -Responsibility
  4.  April-Peace
  5.  May-Co-operation
  6.  June-Caring
  7.  July-Friendship
  8.  September- Trust
  9.  October-Thoughtfulness
  10. November -Respect
  11.  December–Patience